Three Must-Haves for an Auto Mechanic’s Garage


Many professional auto mechanics have started their career by setting up a small business in their garage. Though the business is small, it’s a great way to build a list of happy customers. Plus, once the business picks up steam, the mechanic can move to a larger structure and take on more customers. An auto mechanic needs certain types of equipment and supplies to make the business a success. Learn about the three must-haves for an auto mechanic’s garage.

Portable Lights: When working on a car’s engine, it’s essential that an auto mechanic has proper lighting. An auto mechanic needs to see the smaller parts of the engine to diagnose and solve the problem. A set of portable lights is a must-have, so an auto mechanic has the ability to illuminate any part of a car or truck that is having issues.

A Reliable Tool Box:  A metal portable tool box is another must-have for an auto mechanic. This type of tool box allows a mechanic to keep their tools organized and accessible so there is never the need to search for a tool while repair work is being done. Also, this type of box keeps costly tools safe from damage and loss. A mechanic can easily move the tool box wherever the work is being done to have access to the right tools.

A Set of Durable Cabinets: A set of durable cabinets can house many things in a mechanic’s garage. Rags, oil cans, cleaning solution, work gloves and safety goggles are just a few of the many supplies that could be stored in an organized way in an auto mechanic’s cabinets. Keeping these items in cabinets also means they would be out of the way and easily accessible when needed. Finally, these are just three of the many must-haves for an auto mechanic’s garage. Making a list of items is an efficient way for an auto mechanic to make sure they have all of the supplies they need to effectively run the business.