Types of Flooring: Which One is Best?



several types of flooring, each of which has its elegance, characteristics and quality. Which one will fit your needs most? When choosing the type of flooring for your home, the aesthetics should not be your first and only consideration. Consider the volume of traffic in the house, the type of climate you have in your area, durability and other factors.


Porcelain, ceramic and mosaic are just some types of tile flooring. Installers use grout to install multiple pieces of tiles on the floor. Tiles are heat-resistant, so they are suitable for areas that receive plenty of heat, such as the fireplace. The only drawback with tile flooring is that the grout can be hard to keep clean, as dirt and grime accumulate in between over time. Tiles are also prone to cracking if a heavy object lands with brute force.


Stone flooring is probably the most durable type, as stones like slate, pebble, granite and marble are known to withstand years, even decades, of everyday wear and tear even in the harshest conditions. The elegance they provide is also unmatched; you can pick out the best-looking stone flooring and match it to your home’s interior. With its high resistance to heat, it is suitable for areas such as the kitchen.


Vinyl is a synthetic material but is eco-friendly and is very easy to install. You can even fit it over some types of existing flooring. It also mimics the look of wood, so you get the elegance of wood flooring without having to spend as much. It is also highly water-resistant, so it is suitable for homes with small kids. Sites such as www.firmfitfloor.com  offer a lot of vinyl flooring options.


Cork floors are perfect for playrooms, as they are softer than other types of flooring. They are also great at soundproofing. Cork flooring is natural; only the bark of a tree is peeled to make cork, leaving the tree itself to regenerate. Cork is hypoallergenic and resists insects well.


The most classic option for flooring, hardwood is elegant, timeless and durable. It comes in different types: oak, birch, bamboo or maple. Hardwood floors last a long time, with the right cleaning methods. Another good thing about hardwood is that you can refinish it if it loses it sheen and if scratches are visible on the surface. However, some types of hardwood darken over time.


For those with budget constraints, laminate flooring is the cheapest option among these flooring types. It comes in various colours and designs. It also mimics natural materials. You cannot refinish laminate flooring, and it is easily scratched. Despite these drawbacks, it is still prevalent among homeowners for its easy installation and hassle-free maintenance.

It can be daunting to pick which type of flooring to go with for your home, but with the right guidance and research, you can find the perfect flooring that will complement your interior design and will add elegance to the overall look of your home.




Image: Pixabay.com