Some Top Kitchen Ideas You should Remember for the Best Home Kitchen

Kitchen design

Designing a new kitchen can be a challenge, especially if this is your first time to do so. But it’s not an impossible task – it’s entirely doable as long as you know what to consider. If you want a kitchen that’s not only functional and practical but aesthetically-pleasing and attractive as well, then you should take note of a few ideas that have been tried, tested, and proven for years. Following are some top kitchen ideas you should remember for the best home kitchen.

Your layout

There are about four to five kitchen layouts from which you can choose, and each of these layouts comes with their own advantages. There’s the single galley kitchen ideal for smaller homes, the double galley kitchen with one long row or two rows of kitchen cabinets, and there is also the L-shaped layout where cupboards and cabinets are set into a corner, offering great worktop space. You can also opt for the U-shaped kitchen layout, where the person cooking is surrounded on 3 sides by worktops for easier access to everything.

How are you planning to use it?

When deciding on your layout, the kitchen specialists from recommend that you think very well about how you are planning to use your kitchen. Is it to be used just for cooking, or would you prefer a ‘multiple use’ area where you can eat, work on your shopping list, entertain, help your kids with their homework, and cook? Your kitchen should be a reflection of your lifestyle. In fact, since many of us have more hectic lifestyles today, the trend is going towards one single big space with no more dining room separation. 

No man is an island

Another trend in many kitchens is a central island, also known as a kitchen peninsula. This has become the ultimate space for multitasking, and for good reason. It can serve not only as your work area but also as your social area, a place where people can gather round and eat breakfast and chat. For a more modern kitchen island, you can incorporate elements such as sockets where you can charge laptops and mobile phones. 

Other elements

To make your kitchen more functional, you have the option of adding bookshelves, wine storage space, and more. Storage is a very important element for any kitchen, and if you have an island, you can gain extra storage space. You can also choose to have your hob situated on the island, as nowadays, you can already take advantage of extractors which are integrated or built into your kitchen ceiling.

There may be plenty of kitchen design ideas out there, but when you are considering these ideas, always remember your kitchen’s practicality and functionality as well as its aesthetic appeal for the best kitchen ever.


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