How to add value – get a new garage door

For many of us, our house is our pride and joy, we want to do as much to it as we can to make it as homely as possible. Taking measures to make our home more warm and welcoming has both short and long-term benefits. The short-term benefits are of course it will be a lovely place to live and enjoy time with your friends and family.

The long-term benefits are that the home improvements can add lots of value to your home. This means that if you eventually come to sell your house, the small and simple improvements you may have made will boost the valuation of your house. There are a lot of ways to which you can add value to your home, here are just a few:

New Windows

Investing in new windows are one of the best ways to add value to your home. New windows will give you a great ROI as they can actually increase the value of your house by up to £10,000 whilst you also get the short-term benefits of reduced energy costs. There are many reasons why new windows add so much value to your home but they all predominantly come under the fact that they are a big selling point for new buyers. If a new buyer sees you have invested in double or triple glazed windows then they will be much likely to buy your home. People today are much more conscious about the environment but also the subsequent effects of energy efficiency have a big impact which is then reflected in your valuation. New windows have better insulation properties which mean the house will lose less heat through its windows and therefore be more energy efficient.

Convert your concrete garage

Lots of people often overlook their concrete garage as living space and reduce it simply to storage. But this means you miss out on the amazing potential your concrete garage has and how much it can benefit your home. Similar to a loft or basement, concrete garages provide an excellent opportunity to extend the living space of your home and maximise its potential. House prices are continuously skyrocketing so the value of an extra room at your property is huge. A new concrete garage can be converted into an office, a gym, a games room or even a bedroom, which will be generously reflected in the valuation of your home. A concrete garage manufactured by a professional company like Dencroft Garages can be manufactured completely tailor-fitted to your needs and requirements.

Maintain your garden

Maintaining or improving your garden is mainly for aesthetic purposes but its results are invaluable. The presentation of your home is a huge factor in your house’s value. Just like nobody wants to buy a car that is covered in mud and rust, nobody can get excited about a house with an unkempt and out-of-control garden, and this is reflected in the price. Just a small investment of time or money can go a long way in adding value to your home, even if it’s simply trimming the grass and planting flowers.

There are lots of ways that you can add value to your home, some are more extensive than others but the more you invest the greater the return you will see. Concrete garages are increasingly popular as the value of just a few extra square feet of living space in your house is becoming extremely valuable.