3 Tips to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home Without Using Chemicals


When it comes to keeping mold out of your home, your carpets pose one of the biggest challenges. Largely because of their mass and highly trafficked nature. However, this doesn’t mean that keeping mold out of your carpet is the impossible task. Below are some great eco-friendly ways to do just that!

Can You Feel the Moisture?

If you are living in a humid climate or maybe your home was designed in such a way that it keeps heat in, the chances are that your carpet is soaking up a lot of moisture from the air.

The quickest (and easiest) way to combat this is with a dehumidifier. These products work by extracting excess moisture out of the air and recirculating treated air. These devices work best when used in a confined space, such as a bedroom or a medium sized living room.

If you aren’t in a position to buy or use one of these products, don’t discount the benefits which your fans can bring. Whether it’s the one hanging on your roof or a small pedestal fan that you place in your hallway, turn on your fans, open a strategic amount of doors, and get the air flowing through your house. This will help to prevent moisture settling in your home, instead, keeping the air flowing.

Don’t Wait!

If you see a spill occur, soak it up and clean and dry the area immediately. This doesn’t mean that you can simply place some paper towels on the spill while you finish your meal, it means to put your meal down, get out the cleaning kit, and remove the spill completely.

The reason to act so quickly is to prevent any liquid from making its way to the root of your carpet where it is unlikely to be soaked up using your traditional methods. Once it is there, it becomes nothing more than a small pool of water in a dark and damp environment. Otherwise known as the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Don’t Use a Steam Cleaner

There was once a time where having your carpets professional cleaned meant hiring a steam cleaning and taking advantage of the Groupon Coupons page for deals on the best of Orlando while your carpets dried. However, all this method did was soak your carpet in liquid, leaving many spots left which don’t dry completely.

Instead, look for cleaning methods which utilize alternative technologies which don’t require your carpet to be soaked in water. Services which offer ION exchange, for example, can provide a cleaning service without the need for excess moisture. These options also come with the benefit of allowing you to walk on your carpet in a matter of hours instead of days, after the cleaning has been completed.

These are just some of the great ways in which you can prevent mold from growing in your carpet. For more ways, speak with your local cleaning service for their advice, and remember, make sure they can provide a soak-free cleaning experience!