The Top Three Practical and Design Elements You should Think about when Buying a Bath


If you feel it’s time to select the perfect bath for your bathroom – whether you are constructing your bathroom from scratch or remodeling an outdated one – your choice is guaranteed to impact the way your bathroom looks and the way your bathing experience will be for the next decade or so. The perfect bath is out there for you, and it is guaranteed to uplift your spirits for many years to come.

However, selecting the right tub is not always easy. Not only will you be restricted by budget concerns and space limitations, you will also want to consider the size (for the family members), the materials, and the style according to personal aesthetics. Are you about the select a bath tub? Here are the top three practical and design elements you should think about when buying a bath.

Freestanding or inset?

The inset bath is the most popular and the most common bath found in most British bathrooms, simply because it has many practical advantages (it’s friendlier on the budget and saves a lot of space, which is important when the bathroom is rather small).

On the other hand, the freestanding bath is becoming more and more popular because it creates a sense of bathing luxury the inset bath simply doesn’t provide. The freestanding bath requires a little more space, but it gives a sense of openness and freedom whilst bathing. It’s elegant and luxurious, and the freestanding bath easily becomes the centrepiece of the bathroom.

Your materials

There are two types of materials (basically speaking – although there are others). Here are some of the qualities of two popular ones:

  • Steel – it’s basic, economical, and provides good quality.
  • Acrylic – it can be made to order and is easily repaired when scratched.

Of course, there’s also the choice of copper, stone, stone composite, and so on – depending on your budget and style.

Shape and colours

When it comes to shape, the oval bath is still the most popular – so be sure to check that out. When it comes to colour: you can’t go wrong with black or white. However, do your research, and find which one fits your aesthetic senses best.

The truth is that nobody can tell you which bath to choose – it’s a matter of personal choice, and since it’s such an important investment, it’s worth spending a considerable amount of time on. Think first about your limitations (the budget and the available space), and think next of the material. Leave the aesthetic aspect for last – but make sure you visit plenty of showrooms or websites with design ideas so you can make an informed choice. Once you’ve selected the right one, all that’s left is installation before you can have years and years of bathing enjoyment.


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