Why “Going Green” is the Best Choice When It Comes To Carpet Cleaning


It seems that the whole world is “going green” when it comes to doing, well, pretty much everything these days. From bio fuels to recycling to almost anything you can imagine, the entire world’s population seems to becoming more conscious of their impact on the environment. Of course, this is not a bad thing at all. But, were you aware that you could also opt to clean and maintain your carpets, in a green manner that is kind to the environment? Read on to learn more:

Putting an End to Harsh Chemicals:

Up until the last decade or so, it was the mind set of many, that harsh chemicals were required in order to make sure that carpets were cleaned correctly, and adequately. And of course, many of these products were (and are!) harmful to the environment, from their initial creation, to their application on your carpets. These days, we know a bit better. There are many natural solutions that can be used, that can do the very same job, just as efficiently. This is known to professional carpet cleaning companies, many of now opt to use these Green products, such as ourselves at Livermore Carpet Cleaners.

Greener Methods Can Save Water:

We are pretty sure that we don’t have to detail for you why water is such a precious commodity these days. So, any way possible to save unneeded usage of water is paramount in our eyes. This means that any ways we can adopt that will save water, while still being extremely effective and efficient, is something we are more than interested in. With our green products, less of the material is needed to actually clean your carpeted areas, meaning that less water is then required in order to wash and rinse away any residues that may remain.

Carpet Protection Methods that Are Green:

Because you have chosen to use greener products to clean your carpets with, and have elected to employ professional carpet cleaners who also abide by this same mantra, your carpets will be better protected. The older, harsher chemicals you may have used in the past had a tendency to wear away at the piles of your carpet, leaving them with that “rough to the touch” feeling. Not so now with some of the more natural options that are now available.

So as you can see from the above paragraphs, cleaning and maintaining your carpets in a green manner is pretty easy, and is just one more way you can lessen your footprint on the environment. And you have to compromise nothing in exchange. In fact, your carpets will be all the better for making the change, as you will be using less chemicals, and the carpets themselves will be better protected as a result. It really is all win : win! Why not look into what green methods you can use today!