A guide to bringing your business’ energy costs down

energy saving

High energy bills could be a big problem for your company. The fact is, many businesses shell out significant sums for gas and electricity, and this can make a major dent in their profits. If you’re keen to streamline your energy spending, keep reading. The following suggestions should help you bring your bills down.

Make sure you’re on the most competitive tariff

According to research conducted by the Federation of Small Businesses, more than four in 10 small companies have never switched energy supplier. This could mean that many firms are paying far more than they need to for their power. By shopping around for a more competitive tariff, you stand to save yourself a surprising amount. You can get instant quotes from energy suppliers online, so it’s well worth doing some research. The process of switching may be easier than you think too. In fact, your new supplier may do the hard work for you. Energy suppliers such as Flogas offer to take care of the paperwork on your behalf to ensure a smooth transition, so don’t assume that switching will be a cause of stress and hassle.

Ensure your premises are energy efficient

It’s also important to look at ways of cutting your energy usage, and this means making sure your premises are set up as efficiently as possible. Simply switching from traditional light bulbs to CFLs or LEDs could significantly reduce your bills, and fitting smart control systems to lighting, heating and air conditioning systems so that they are only activated when rooms are in use could also bring your spending down. Consider replacing old, inefficient equipment and appliances for models with impressive efficiency ratings as well, and make sure your premises are well sealed to minimise drafts.

To give you a clearer idea of the power saving solutions available, you could get an expert company in to complete an energy audit of your business. This will cost you, but over the long term it could lead to significant savings.

Educate your staff

To get your personnel involved in the process, make sure they’re aware of the importance of saving energy and provide them with pointers on how to do this. Everything from limiting their use of printers to making sure their computers are switched off when they’re not in use can help to cut your firm’s costs. Your employees might also have some innovative energy saving solutions of their own to bring to the mix, so encourage them to speak out on this issue.

Following tips like these will not only enable you to cut your company’s costs, it will also help you to boost your green credentials, which could be good news for your company’s reputation and long-term success.

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