What Colour Scheme Will You Use in Your Kitchen?

kitchen design

Giving your kitchen a new look for the New Year can be an exciting project that you need to undertake so that you have a more modern look. After you have decided on the kind of layout that you want, you should next move to the colour scheme that you want to have in your kitchen. Choosing the colours will impact all of the other areas of the kitchen design that you create. You should pick colours that don’t clash with your other rooms; think of your kitchen as the blank canvas that you’ve always wanted to paint. Where should you begin? You’ll have a plethora of choices so make sure you take notes, plan carefully, and visualise how your finished project will look.

Kitchen Appliances

Once upon a time the kitchen appliances that you chose were mainly all in white, but times have certainly changed. You can select from a myriad of colours for your cooker, dishwasher, fridge, and toaster. Colour can bring a touch of elegance to your kitchen but remember to choose something that you like and a colour that is not simply a passing fad. You’ll want your worktops to coordinate with the coloured appliances so visit the website www.jrstone.co to see what colours and materials are available before you set your colour scheme.

Cabinets, Tiles, and Worktops

Choosing the colours for the main structures in your kitchen can also help you to decide your colour scheme. You must get the right colours in place for your cabinets and worktops since they are expensive to replace and will serve as the base for your entire kitchen’s colour scheme. Go with a colour that is classic so that in a few years you won’t be tired of what you chose and sorry that you didn’t choose a more traditional colour. Vibrant colours are impressive but can they stand up to time and style? Trends in kitchen colours change quite often, so pick something that will serve you well for years to come.

Walls, Ceilings, and Floors

As you are choosing the colours for your appliances, worktops, and cabinetry, keep in mind the type of flooring that you want to use and what colour you’ll have on the walls of your kitchen. The current trend in kitchen flooring is latte and cream coloured tiles that will coordinate beautifully with both light wood and white cabinetry. Hardwood floors can add warmth to your kitchen and natural stone will give your kitchen a more traditional look. Choosing the type of flooring and wall finishes along with your ceiling colours can help solidify the colour scheme that you select for your kitchen.

A good idea to use is to collect samples of every item’s colour that you can get so that you can bring them home to view them in your own lighting. See how they go together so that you can make any changes in your colour scheme before you begin to order things in the colours that you decide on.


Image courtesy of Maggie Smith/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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