School Stand up comedy

School Stand up comedy

This form of entertainment is ideal for smaller forums or to liven up bars and restaurants.


Stand up comedy or live comedy is a style where the actor speaks directly to a live audience, interacting with it through dialogue.

This with the aim of involving the audience, capture their attention and entertain them (while they eat or take a drink).

Because of these characteristics, Stand up comedy is ideal for small forums or to liven up bars and restaurants. It has also become popular in television format and videos disseminated through social networks.

This shows that people feel identified with both topics (work, relationship, family, etc.) as the format uninhibited, witty and entertaining with being treated.

Hence the opportunity to engage with the public who is not content with just being a spectator, but even looking for an opportunity to go on stage. However, it is not needed or wanted only “be funny”, in fact this is a career and, therefore, requires professional preparation.


This business model is to mount a performing arts school where courses for the training of new talent in stand up are given.

This implies from conditioning a special room or area in your house (about 60 sqm) to rent an apartment or open space (like a cellar).

Or, an agreement with any independent forum that will facilitate their facilities while not occupied. The recommendation is to rent a space and enable cost-saving investment.

However, the key to this business is that you like by disciplines such as theater, acting and comedy, whether impartas classes yourself or you hire trained instructors. Your first and main source of income is the sale of courses for beginners. So, your objective is the formation of new talents.

Once your students are ready, you can mount shows with them and sell dates in different places (including bars and restaurants).

Even be representative of any of them and take tours in several cities. So your main talents are developing public relations and negotiation.

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