Green cleaning services

Green cleaning services

Gather cleaning products such as sponges and organic products to offer the service of cleaning houses, offices, hotels and other home.


It’s huge the amount of chemicals going down the drain every time you clean the bathroom. These, along with all the waste go down the toilet (toilet paper, cigarette butts, dirty water used for cleaning, etc.), but then they are treated, they are not totally disintegrate and end up in a river or in the increasing sea pollution. Especially chemical disinfectants are the most aggressive to the marine environment.

According to a market study regarding the services household, 76% of respondents stated to consider the environment in their household chores, while 80% would be interested in this respectful domestics. This is an underlying trend that corresponds to a profound change in our society.

The problem is that although many citizens want to act respectfully with the environment, the vast majority do not know how or where to start. This is where the home services provide the necessary push to take action.

In Europe the phenomenon of such household cleaning 100% green home is an activity on the rise. Follow this trend and make money to support the environment.


A clear example to follow is to fight-Eco-Bilbao, a Spanish company offering a new service green cleaning at home.

The company offers cleaning of all kinds, both in private homes and in businesses, offices, communities, restaurants, hotels, marinas and covered parking lots.

One of the methods used is steam cleaning high pressure and high temperature, combined with other organic products.

Sustainable practices that could be used are multiple: spray the product on a sponge to avoid wasting it, using the technique of wet sweeping to reduce the use of the vacuum cleaner, descaling using micro fiber products work with certificates endorsed by the European label etc.

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