Agency home maintenance

Agency home maintenance

We tell you how to open a home care agency offering maid service, plumbing and more repairs.


According to INEGI, members of Mexican households spend, on average, four hours a week to repair any goods or engaging in any construction or home maintenance. That is only 2.4% of their time.

The reasons range from lack of time to ignorance of these tasks.

The simplest solution for householders would hire a specialist on the subject; however, in many cases it is a whole mess to get a plumber, gardener, painter, electrician or builder confidence and also do everything in record time.


You consider that this is a business cleaning home based 100% in human capital, which must meet very important features, including: speed, excellence, punctuality, honesty and responsibility.

When you recruit a staff that covers the services you want to offer, the next step is to define the area that you will attend and conduct a campaign to make yourself known, design a magnet with your phone will be very useful.

You can offer services such as painting, electrical, carpentry, cleaning of furniture and carpets, masonry, gardening, plumbing, telephone, laundry and transportation.